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Released February 2015

EarthEE from THEESatisfaction is quite possibly my favorite record of all time. Writing about our favorites is hard because of how much you want to say and how so much of what connects you to music is hard to define. Political, environmental and human, this record approaches its themes in ways sublime and profound: It dives down and plumbs the vast depths of the ocean and the mind. There’s so much happening on the bottom end that this music pours out of your speakers like thick molasses, pooling on the floor. SassyBlack and Stas Thee Boss may have ended of their creative partnership, but we’ll always this magical sequence: When the dense vocal layering at the end of “Fetch/Catch” gives way to the punch-in-the-stomach drum kick of “Nature’s Candy,” and then, after a few bars of rapping, the song performs alchemy, reversing motion, escaping time. Thank you for this. (Also, gorgeous cover by Rajni Perera and Dusty Summers.)

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