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Yours Truly

Released January 2013

Let’s talk about Seattle’s strain of earnest, autobiographical rap and one of its poster children, Sol. I picked up his 2012 album Your Truly as part of a 99-song promotion that he did for his latest record–his entire back catalogue in exchange for your email address. (A ballsy way to generate a mailing list of fans.) This is an artist who knows how to write a banger and the production on Yours is luxurious. Over the course of this album, you will learn that Sol loves his life, hear itemized lists of all the things he plans to someday do, and find he likes to travel. This album is not for everyone–the constant positivity and confessional honesty can start to feel saccharine after a dozen tracks, but there are standouts worth your attention here, including “Falling Stars,” “Paint” and “2020.” And also, great cover design.