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Flavin’ In Bumpcity

Released June 1992

This is the rare Flavin’ In Bumpcity tape from group PD2, circa 1992. The group was made up of MC Willin’ The Villin’ and ”Groove Manipulator” 2Smooth. There’s a video on YouTube video where the group explains their sound as an original and funky counterweight to the NastyMix all-stars. Indeed, they clearly felt there was some camaraderie and rivalry here… They shout out Mix-A-Lot, Kid Sensation, and Criminal Nation repeatedly throughout the tape. The sound is squarely in the Public Enemy and Bomb Squad sweet spot, but Bumpcity is all about having fun. There are no real breaks between the songs, it’s a non-stop jam from the get-go, with skits and interludes and Seattle references throughout. The group says they wanted to make “music you can relate to… That when you get to the end, you say “damn!” and press rewind to hear it again.” The standout cut here is the closer, “Givemewhatugot,” which, indeed, I always rewind and listen to again. A few years earlier, in 1989, the group also released a three-song EP on vinyl, featuring the songs “The Groove Is Movin’,” “Crack In The Box,” and “Surprize.”

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