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Mic Capes

Concrete Dreams

Released September 2016

One feeling we’ve all been wrestling with this week is defiance, and where understanding fits in, and I’ve found much comfort listening to Concrete Dreams, a 2016 release from Portland rapper Mic Capes. The record sounds amazing, and he’s one hell of a rapper. This one has so much to say about the insanity of the past year: The confusing questions fueling our anxieties are big, the struggle remains, it’s easy to be discouraged… but focus on truth and action and preserving what you love, that matters. What I also truly appreciate is Mic’s hope and his hustle, both on this album and in daily life. The first time I saw him live (with Gifted Gab) he circulated the room multiple times giving out stickers, wanting to make sure everyone had one, and his Instagram lately has been full of a willingness to meet up with fans one-on-one to sell them a physical copy of his CD. Go get this one. Hopefully, this proud Portlander will come northwards and entertain our Seattle hip-hop scene again sometime soon.