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Gabriel Teodros


Released February 2007

In the most recent issue of City Arts, you’ll find a poem contributed by Gabriel Teodros honoring J. Moore. Consequently, I found myself listening to Lovework on headphones at the moment when I ran into Gabriel outside of Neumos at last Friday’s memorial show. This record recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, and it sounds as fresh and honest today as it did in 2007. Exploring wide-ranging “big” issues from sexism to classism, immigration to geopolitical struggles, Lovework is also very damn funky. Press play and two songs in I am already chair dancing. The way the bass drums and the bass guitar interplay throughout “Beautiful” is simply sublime as is the syncopated rhyme scheme in “East Africa.” Here’s a musician who understands the responsibility and opportunities of the microphone to influence hearts and minds. Seek this record out.